About Us

Our Mission


When industry works better, people live better.


Harris Instrument Corp seeks to give manufacturers better control of processes to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve quality. We do this by developing fairly priced, high quality measurement, guiding, and detection solutions for demanding industrial applications.

Our History

Founded in 1979 by David Harris, Harris Instrument Corp began with the production of precision industrial resistance testers and engineering services. In 1982, in response to an identified customer need, Harris developed the first patented “scanned light” width measurement and position detection sensor solution. In 1983, this became the SCAN-A-LINE product line, which is now the backbone of Harris Instrument’s product portfolio.

In 1996, the company relocated to it’s current headquarters in Delaware, Ohio, where they continue to design and manufacture non-contact sensor solutions to suit the needs of their clients. Their commitment to quality, service, and cost effectiveness serves as in investment in the well being of the industrial economy as needs change and technology develops at an ever-increasing rate. Harris Instrument believes in the manufacturing industry, and seeks to improve efficiency, save time, save money, and improve the lives of their clients by meeting and exceeding customer expectations.