Harris Instrument HDPC - Hole Detection Processing Computer


The SCAN-A-LINE™ Model HDPC –Hole Detection Process Computer– is a universal signal processor for all Scan-A-Line™ 10XHD-Series and SHD-4000-Series Hole Detection Sensors. The Model HDPC is equipped to supply regulated power and full signal processing for single sensor, or up to three Scan-A-Line™ Hole Detection Sensors of the same type. The Model HDPC is programmed to determine the operational mode for each sensor automatically and thereby eliminates all needs for shuttering or manual system configuration.

In addition to alarm relay outputs for each sensor channel, the Model HDPC produces a digital report of hole location relative to the sensor scan and position along the length of the coil. The digital report is sent to a host computer or PLC. When one of the configured sensors detects a hole event, the HDPC triggers an alarm event, which closes a normally-open relay contact for the associated channel, and lights an associated indicator on the processor’s front panel. Additionally, the system continuously monitors itself for proper function, and fail-safe circuits will indicate to the operator and open a normally-closed relay in order to trigger an action in the case that the system malfunctions. This means that HDPC systems will alert the operator of any compromise to the system before it results in a missed detection and effects line operation.



  • Compatible with 10X-HD series sensors
  • Two FAIL-SAFE Relay Outputs: One Normally-Open (NO) and One Normally-Closed (NC).
  • 105VAC-220VAC Switching Power Supply (±12VDC regulated for sensors and 5VDC regulated for logic circuits) and signal routing for three Model 10XAHD Sensors.



  • Line Receiver Option: To drive Emitter to Processor cables longer than 50 linear feet.
  • Tachometer for tracking and reporting defect position along the strip length