Harris Instrument MPX - Measurement Processing Unit


The SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ Model MPX Measurement Processor is the next generation of versatile Measurement Processors from Harris Instrument Corporation. The MPX can be configured to perform a wide range of measurement applications via a user-friendly, graphical software Setup Utility. This allows one unit to operate with all SCAN-A-LINE 10X-series sensors in any configuration. The microprocessor-based unit eliminates the need for changing interface boards, hardware jumpers, internal cables, connectors, and other hardware, which means that facilities with multiple applications can maintain fewer spare parts. Sensor configuration and calibration information is stored in non-volatile memory when power is removed. When the MPX is connected to a LAN with internet access it is possible to remotely access the video as seen by the receivers and measure system power supply voltages. In the case of a new installation it is even possible to re-balance the LED arrays via this internet link.



  • Compatible with standard 10XAS-series and 10XBR-series passline independent Sensors (one or two sensors per processor)
  • Serial output of web position in raw counts

LEVEL 2 all level 1 features, plus:

  • Analog outputs, Two Bi-polar +/-10V analogs, and four uni-polar 0-10V analogs.
  • Optional bar graph display

LEVEL 3 all level 2 features, plus:

  • LAN capability to connect directly to a Local Area Network
  • TCP/IP output of one to four parameters, widths or position deviations
  • On screen graphing of up to four simultaneous parameters
  • High and Low operating limits provided for up to four channels of measurement data
  • Data collection intervals by internal clock or programmable external tachometer input
  • Data Logging provided with Strip Chart graphing routines
  • Full screen mode for distant viewing of a single parameter
  • Digital Measurement readouts in Imperial or Metric units
  • Statistics, Graphs, and reports for each batch or coil recorded
  • Built in functions to analyze and control sensor balance and performance with compatible sensors.

LEVEL 4 all level 3 features, plus:

  • Integrated SVGA touchscreen operator interface