Harris Instrument 10X-HD - Hole Detection Sensor


The SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ 10XHD-Series Hole Detection sensor provides highly reliable and accurate hole detection and loop position control. The 10XHD-Series are non-contact, electro-optical sensors designed specifically for the detection of weld marker holes in strip materials, though it is capable of being integrated into a broad range of detection and control applications. 10XHD-Series sensors are compatible with the SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ HDPC Hole Detection Processing Computer and the LCPU Loop Control Processing Unit. Because of its versatility and reliability, the 10XHD-Series sensor is one of the most flexible and cost effective detection and loop control sensor solutions on the market today.

The SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ 10XHD-Series emitters contain a dense array of high-intensity Infrared (IR) LEDs, and the receiver contains a low-noise preamplifier, IR filtered silicon photocells for detection light from the emitter. Emitters and receivers are filtered and synchronized at pulses of 20kHz, this means that the 10XHD-series sensors are highly resilient to interference from most ambient light sources. Reliable hole detection can be performed even if the emitter array signal is uniformly attenuated by up to 90% by obstructions such as dirt or soot, providing reliable functionality even in the most punishing environments.


  • Available in four sizes: 10” [254mm], 20” [508mm], 30” [762mm], 40” [1016mm]
  • Compatible with HDPC Hole Detection Processing Computer and the LCPU Loop Control Processing Unit
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing with Lexan® bezel viewing window, neoprene gaskets and self-sealing, stainless steel hardware.
  • Low energy LED arrays are highly tolerant of dirt, smoke, steam, and other adverse conditions, while remaining largely maintenance-free.
  • Multiple Mode Hole Detection: any detected hole, 1 edge + 1 hole, 2 edges + 1 hole
  • Self-monitoring circuits for fault detection as well as fail safe conditions.


  • ULTRA-TOUGHâ„¢ Option (UT Option): Provides excellent crash protection with thick cast aluminum housings and borosilicate viewing windows along with sealed connectors and gaskets.
  • Long-Range Receiver (LRR Option): The sensor is fitted with special lenses for operational emitter-to-receiver separation up to 40′ [12.2m]. (Only used in Accumulator Loop Control applications).