Harris Instrument 10X-AS - Auto Sync Sensor


SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ 10XAS-Series Auto-Sync Sensors provides highly reliable and accurate edge position detection for a wide range of measurement, guiding, and position control applications. The 10XAS-series sensors are non-contact, electro-optical sensors designed primarily to detect edge position in strip materials. Because of it’s versatility and reliability, it is one of the most cost effective edge position sensor solutions on the market. Because the 10XAS-series sensors rely on light emitted from highly dependable, low energy LED arrays, reliable edge detection can be made at higher resolutions, since the receiver can detect a partially-blocked LED long before it is completely covered, and they are able perform within specification in smoky, hazy, or dirty environments because reliable readings can be taken even if the emitter signal is uniformly attenuated by up to 90%. An integrated fault relay in the sensor itself can be monitored to alert the operator if too many edges are detected, indicating too much obstruction of the emitter LED array. This means that 10XAS-series sensors can perform reliably in even the most punishing of industrial environments, with less maintenance, and fewer faults than almost any other solution on the market.



  • Available in six sizes: 10″ [254mm], 20″ [508mm], 30″ [762mm], 40″ [1016mm], 50” [1270mm] and 60” [1524mm] for single or dual sensor systems.
  • Compatible w/ most SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ processing units including: Model GPU, PCPU, TCPU, DCPU and MPX.
  • Standard Anodized Aluminum Housing with Lexan® bezel viewing window, neoprene gaskets and stainless steel hardware.



  • Clear Materials Option (CLR Option): Allows for the edge detection of clear, translucent or loosely woven materials. Requires a processor with On-Line Balancing Capability.
  • ULTRA-TOUGHâ„¢ Option (UT Option): Provides excellent crash protection with thick cast aluminum housings and borosilicate viewing windows along with sealed connectors and stainless-steel hardware.
  • Infrared LED’s Option (IR Option) Permits the 10XAS-Series sensors to operate with light sensitive materials. Also provides for superior operation in very hazy or smoky conditions.