Harris Instrument 10X-BR - Binocular Receiver Sensor


The SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ 10XBR-Series Binocular-Receiver Sensor provides highly reliable and accurate edge position detection for process lines with varying product passlines (wavy edges) or significant thickness changes. Developed from the SCAN-A-LINE 10XAS-series sensors, the 10XBR-series sensors are non-contact, electro-optical sensors designed initially for width-measurement applications. The 10XBR-series sensors use dual receivers for each emitter in order to accurately triangulate the position of an edge at varying passline heights. Because of it’s expanded capability, versatility, and exceptional reliability, the 10XBR-series are some of the most versatile edge position detection solutions on the market.

Because it utilizes scanned light technology, the 10XBR-series sensors are capable of making reliable, accurate measurements in even the most punishing industrial environments, producing accurate readings, even if the emitter array signal is uniformly attenuated up to 90% by obstructions such as dirt or soot. Sensors feature integrated fault detection circuits which notify the operator of a condition in which too many edges, or no edges are detected, notifying the operator of a possible obstruction or malfunction before line operation is effected.

The patented binocular view of the strip material by the 10XBR-Series sensor creates a geometric relationship of the position of the strip material edges, which is used by compatible processing units to calculate the height of the strip material, delivering an accurate measurement or accounting for this variability in guiding applications.


  • Available in four sizes: 10” [254mm], 20” [508mm], 30” [762mm], 40” [1016mm] in Single or Dual Sensor operation
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing with Lexan® bezel viewing window, neoprene gaskets and self-sealing, stainless steel hardware.
  • Passline variation of up to 1’ [305mm] standard for Passline-Independent Dimensional Measurement or Position Control

Options & Configurations

  • ULTRA-TOUGHâ„¢ Option (UT Option): Provides excellent crash protection with thick cast aluminum housings and borosilicate viewing windows with sealed connectors and gaskets.
  • Infrared LED Option (IR Option): Permits the 10XBR-Series sensor to operate with visible light sensitive materials. Also provides for operation in very hazy or smoky conditions.