Harris Instrument EG-30 Edge Guide Sensor


The SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ Model EG30-series Edge Guide Sensors from Harris Instrument Corporation provide a highly reliable and repeatable edge guide and control gauge for industrial applications. The Model EG30 sensor is a non-contact, electro-optical sensor designed primarily for the edge position detection of strip material edges. EG30 systems have proven to be highly reliable in a range of strip material edge detection and guiding applications over decades of service in the field. The Model EG30 sensor is compatible with a variety of SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ processing units for a broad array of solutions. Because of its versatility, reliability and resilience, the Model EG30 is the most cost effective edge detection sensor solutions on the market today.

The Model EG30 sensor consists of an emitter, a receiver and a junction box with twenty feet [2.13m] of cabling for connection to a processing unit. Each emitter contains an array of LEDs that are lit sequentially. The receiver photocell detectors generate an electrical current when exposed to light from the emitter LEDs. Since the light from the emitter and the resulting current generated both pulse at 20kHz, the EG30 can accurately detect strip edge position while remaining highly resilient to interference from ambient light sources. EG30 sensors are also highly compact, measuring 6.4 x 3 x 2.4 inches [162 x 76 x 61mm] including the attached mounting plate, this means that EG30 sensors can be utilized even on lines with restrictive space requirements.


  • Compatible with most SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ processing units (up to two sensors per unit): Model GPX: Guiding and Position Control Processing Unit, Model GPU: General Processing Unit, and Model TCPU: PID Control Processing Unit.
  • Polane-painted Aluminum Housing with borosilicate viewing window, neoprene gaskets and stainless steel hardware for superior fluid and leak protection.
  • Highly Vibration Resistant, Time-based Edge Detection.
  • Absolute Analog Output: 0VDC to 10VDC @ 10mA, 5VDC center.
  • Repeatability: 0.02″ [0.51mm]
  • Sampling Rate: 667 times per second.
  • Sensing Range: 2.8″ [71.1mm] Maximum


  • Infrared LED’s (IR Option): Permits the Model EG-30A sensor to operate with light sensitive materials. Also provides for operation in very hazy or smoky conditions.
  • ULTRA-TOUGHâ„¢ Option (UT Option) Provides excellent crash protection with thick cast aluminum housings and borosilicate viewing windows along with sealed connectors and neoprene gaskets.