Harris Instrument SHD-4000 - Synchronous Hole Detection Sensor


The SCAN-A-LINE™ SHD-4000-Series Synchronous Hole Detection sensors provide highly reliable inspection of web materials where hole defects of 0.062” [1.6mm] and larger can pose serious quality or production problems. The SHD-4000-Series sensor is a non-contact, electro-optical sensor designed specifically for the detection of hole defects in strip materials. Hole defects can be detected to within 0.5” [13mm] of the strip edge without the use of mechanical shutters.

The 10-inch Model SHD-4000-10 emitter has a scan time of 125 microseconds. Since the LED IR source scans at 80,000″/sec, SHD-4000-based systems are capable of performing fast, highly accurate scans, even on strip lines running at very high speeds. This makes the SHD-4000-series of sensors some of the most accurate, reliable, cost effective small-hole detection sensor solutions available.


  • Detects holes as small as 0.062” [1.6mm]
  • Detects holes within 0.5” [13mm] of strip edge
  • Available in three sizes: 10 inch [254mm], 20 inch [508mm], and 30 inch [762mm]
  • Standard Type ‘B’ anodized aluminum housing with Lexan® window, neoprene gaskets and stainless steel hardware.
  • Infrared LED emitter light source is virtually maintenance free, and highly tolerate of dirt, smoke, steam, etc.
  • System fail safe contacts
  • Multiple Mode Hole Detection: any hole, 1 edge + 1 hole, 2 edges + 1 hole
  • Compatible with HDPC Hole Detection Processing Computer


  • ULTRA-TOUGHâ„¢ Option (UT Option): Provides excellent crash protection with thick cast aluminum housings and borosilicate viewing windows along with sealed connectors and gaskets.