ULTRA-TOUGH Enclosures

Harris Instrument ULTRA-TOUGH industrial non-contact measurement sensor


All Harris Instrument Products are resilient, but some industrial applications require a greater degree of protection against crash damage, punishing heat, damaging chemicals, and brutal conditions. Thus, all SCAN-A-LINE sensors are available in fortified, ULTRA-TOUGH enclosures, to ensure dependable operation even in the most punishing conditions.


  • Rugged Design: Cast walls up to 3/4″ [19mm] thick, 3/4″ [19mm] extruded aluminum bezel and 3/8″ [9.5mm] thick borosilicate viewing window ensure that the ULTRA-TOUGHâ„¢ enclosure stands up to almost any type of industrial punishment.
  • Leak Resistant: RTV-108 seals, solvent resistant gaskets and maximum sealing surfaces (at least 5/8″ [16mm] wide) enhance leak protection. The seals may also be ordered as PTFE Teflon® and Epoxy sealant for superior resistance to most solvents (CR Option).
  • Retrofit Ready: Existing 10X-Series and EG-Series sensor electronics are fully compatible with the ULTRA-TOUGHâ„¢ enclosure, for quick and easy upgrades. All SCAN-A-LINEâ„¢ 10X-Series sensors (10XAS-Series, 10XBR-Series), EG-Series sensors, and Hole Detection Sensors 10XHD-Series, 10XHS-Series & SHD-Series may be initially ordered, or retrofitted with the ULTRA-TOUGHâ„¢ enclosures.
  • Corrosion Resistant: ULTRA-TOUGHâ„¢ enclosures are painted with Nitro-Blue Polane Epoxy paint for superior resistance to most corrosive chemicals, especially kerosene.
  • Easier Repairs: The entire viewing window bezel/cover plate assembly, with the electronics attached, may be removed and replaced in the field.